My name is Toby van den Brand and I welcome you to my portfolio.

At heart I’m a programmer, mostly skilled in Unity3D both with Javascript and C# scripting. I have a certain knack for programming, which gives me the ability to learn a new language exceptionally fast.

I’m also a problem solver. When I need to get something working, my mind instantly searches for the best solutions and solves the problem in the best way possible.

Last but most certainly not the least, I’m a game designer. I know the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the lefts and the rights of most game design principles. I have designed my own games, with or without help of team-members.

Here you can see some examples of the games and other projects I

(Click the images to get to the individual project pages)

Top left:
Internship Project, the project I worked on whilst being employed as an intern at UniversalMediaMan

Middle left:
The One, a project where I did everything on my own, programming, 3D art, 3D animating, and so on

Bottom left:
7:00, a project where me and 3 others made a 6-minute long 3D animation film. Animating was the most fun for me in this project.


Top right:
FILTER, a project me and Jelle van Doorne did for the army base in Soesterberg. 

Middle right:
The Sixth Act, a project where I worked together with my best friend and classmate Jelle van Doorne.

Bottom right:
Art-On, a project where me and 2 classmates tried to create a casual art-creating game. Game design and Programming was what I did here.

Allright, Project Pages I wanted done, About me done, header on front page done…

This is going smooth, now I still need to add the other projects I worked on until now, but how the look, content and feel of this website is now, is how I will present it tomorrow to my teachers. Now all I need is an actual analogue version of all this…

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Filling things in and up and out

Everything’s working out to be honest, just need to slowly fill this site up with everything I got… Three projects have a video and a short description now, the rest will be done over the course of this week… About me, the individual project pages, and so on…

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